Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tips To Stop Smoking

Want To Quit Smoking?

Smoking is one of the worst, if not the worst, habit you can form for your health. Not only does smoking effect your overall health but also your dental health by increasing your risk of mouth cancer, causing tooth discoloration, and increasing plaque and tartar build up. Smoking can also cause your to be at higher risk for tooth loss due to diseases like periodontitis.

Dr. Joseph Landry II and the Landry Family Dentistry team are dedicated to the improvement of the oral and overall health for the people of Medina, Summit, and Wayne Counties! We enjoy cheering on our patients in their decision to stop or reduce their smoking habit, and would like to describe some of the encouraging tips we share with them.
Quit Smoking Oral Health Medina Summit Wayne Counties

One of the biggest reasons people smoke is in order to relieve stress. This means that managing your stress levels is vital in your attempt to stop smoking. There are many substitutes you can try in place of smoking a cigarette. These things include receiving a massage, listening to calming music, and doing some yoga. Additionally, if there are certain things that calm  you down try those. For example, Dr. Landry loves being out in the fresh air when hiking or fishing.

If drinking makes you want a cigarette, try to stay away from alcohol. According to studies, using the combination of alcohol and tobacco increases the risk of oral cancer.  If you enjoy having a smoke after a meal, try to replace it with sugar-free gum or go for an after dinner walk.  

Identifying your individual smoking triggers can help you reduce or eliminate tobacco much more easily. For more information about why the Landry Family Dentistry team supports our patients in smoking cessation, check out

If you have stopped smoking or are considering stopping and want to whiten your discolored teeth please contact Dr. Landry. If you would like to know more about Dr. Landry's teeth whitening services please contact his office in Seville, OH.

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