Thursday, March 24, 2016

Food that May Stain Your Teeth

For our Seville, OH patients who are concerned about keeping their teeth their whitest, this post is going to talk about foods that may stain your teeth.

The first thing you need to consider about foods and beverages is that they will probably stain your teeth if they would stain your carpet.

Even though enamel is extremely strong, stronger than your bones, it contains small ridges that have the ability to trap particles of food and beverage. This leads to staining and discolored teeth. Additionally, there are many foods, like colas, that are extremely high in acid content. This acid will wear away the enamel of your teeth and expose you dentin. Your dentin makes your teeth look more yellow.

Processed foods are other foods that will stain your teeth. This is due to food coloring. Foods like fruit juices, popsicles, gummies, taffy, and more contain food coloring to give them color. The purpose of the food coloring is to stain your food - so they will probably stain your teeth also.

Maintaining a good home care routine (regular brushing and flossing) is the best way to keep your teeth bright and free from discoloration. If you're looking for teeth whitening options, make an appointment with Dr. Landry.