Thursday, May 26, 2016

Root Canal

Why Dentists Do Root Canals
Root canals get a bad reputation, but their criticism is typically not warranted. Nowadays, root canals can be as comfortable as getting a tooth filled. If your dentist recommends a root canal, otherwise known as endodontics, it is for a good reason: to save your tooth. If you would benefit from a root canal, it is either because you are experiencing pain in the first place, the x-ray of the tooth shows it is infected with an abscess, or trauma to the tooth has occurred. A root canal will make things better in the long run. Ohio dentist Dr. Joseph G. Landry II can save your infected tooth with a root canal. 

A Closer Look at Tooth Pulp
If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, it's likely because the pulp is infected. The pulp is found in the center of the tooth. It contains tissues and blood vessels that provide nourishment for the tooth. When the pulp is damaged from a large cavity, bacteria spread and cause an infection. Dr. Landry likes to describe the process of a root canal to patients by asking them to imagine a tooth like a writing pen, with the outside of the pen representing the tooth root and the ink cartridge inside like the pulp with the nerve and blood vessels. A root canal therapy is like when an empty ink cartridge (the dying or dead nerve) is removed and replaced with a new ink cartridge (the sterile, sealed material that is placed after the canal is disinfected). 

Why is a Root Canal Needed?
If you develop an infection, a root canal is needed to clean out the infection and should be done as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can develop the following issues:
  • Inflammation that spreads outside of the mouth and throughout various parts of the body, including the neck, face or head.
  • Drainage issues. The infection may create a hole, called a fistula, and the draining pus could seep into your cheeks, gums, and throat.
  • Bone loss, which could lead to the extraction of the tooth
Save Your Infected Tooth with a Root Canal
Dr. Joseph G. Landry II is an Ohio dentist who is trained to comfortably perform root canal treatment in order to remove bacteria from an infected tooth, utilizing rotary endodontic instruments and state-of-the-art technology and materials. Conveniently located in Seville, Ohio at Exit 2 off Highway 76/224, Dr. Landry serves patients of all ages from Medina, Wadsworth, Westfield Center, Lodi, Creston, and other surrounding areas of Medina, Summit, and Wayne Counties. If you've suffered tooth pain for too long, get relief by calling (330) 769-4470.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Importance of Deep Cleanings

Everyone puts great importance into keeping up with their oral hygiene, but many of our patients in Seville, Medina, Wadsworth, Westfield Center and Lodi are not aware of what lies beneath the gum line. Although teeth appear small, they are actually much larger than people realize. When periodontal disease begins, regular cleanings are not enough to fully restore your teeth and gums to a healthy state. When your gums develop inflammation from gum disease, deep cleanings are necessary and important.

As a dental professional my patients often ask me what a deep cleaning consists of. A deep cleaning is made up of two parts: scaling and root planing. Scaling is the process or removing tartar and bacteria that may be trapped beneath the gum line in your roots and pockets of your gum tissue. Next, planing smoothes your roots and eliminate the areas where bacteria thrives in your mouth. This two step process will aid your gums in healing and let your gum pockets shrink back closer to normal size. Dr. Landry can also use medications to further your healing process.

Like diabetes and hypertension, periodontitis can never be healed. Once you have it, you have it. This is why having oral wellness visits with Dr. Landry and maintain good oral health habits at home is so important.

Periodontitis is an extremely quiet disease, meaning it does not show many symptoms or sings. Periodontitis can lead to many health issues, deteriorate your gum, roots, and bone, lead to an increased build up of bacteria and tartar, and eventually cause issues like tooth loss. For these reasons it is important to have your gums checked at your oral wellness visits. Once you have contracted periodontitis it is important to have it treated on a regular basis in order to limit the damage that it causes.

For additional information on this topic, visit Oral-B’s website. If you would like to schedule an appointment to visit Dr. Landry and have your gums check please contact us at our office in Seville, OH.